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Cataracts impair the vision with a clouding of the eye's lenses. You can develop cataracts as a result of old age, medical conditions like diabetes, injury or congenitally through infection, injury or poor development in the womb.


Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a type of vision condition where you can see near objects clearly, but struggle to see objects at a distance. Often distant objects are blurred or do not come into proper focus.


A part of the natural aging process of the eye, presbyopia is the loss of your eye’s ability to change focus and see objects that are close. Presbyopia is not farsightedness. Presbyopia is the result of your natural lens in the eye losing flexibility with age.

Eye Anatomy

The human eye includes:

  • Iris – pigmented part
  • Cornea – clear dome over the iris
  • Pupil – black circular opening in iris that lets light in
  • Sclera – white part of the eye
  • Conjunctiva – thin layer of tissue that covers the front of the eye except the cornea


Astigmatism is a type of refractive error when the eye is not completely round. This condition occurs in nearly everyone to some degree. Eyeglasses, contact lenses, or surgery can easily correct astigmatism.

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