Find Answers to Your Frequently Asked Eye Care Questions

Q: What is digital eye strain, its causes and possible symptoms?

A: Digital eye strain is temporary discomfort caused by two or more hours of using a digital device. Desktop computers, laptops, tablets or eReaders, televisions, video game consoles and smartphones can all cause digital eye strain. Possible symptoms may include red or dry eyes, blurred vision, eye fatigue, headaches and neck or shoulder pain.

Q: What are routine eye exams for children?

A: Newborns should be checked for general eye health in the hospital nursery. During the first year, infants need to be routinely screened for eye health at pediatrician or family doctor visits. At three and a half, a child is ready for eye health screenings and visual acuity tests. At age 5, have your child’s vision and eye alignment evaluated. Older children should continue routine screenings whether at school or at the doctor’s office.

Q: What are possible signs of eye problems in children?

A: Possible signs might include red-rimmed, encrusted, or swollen eyelids. If a child rubs their eyes a lot, closes or covers one eye, has trouble reading or doing close-up work, blinks more than usual, squints or finds their vision blurry, your child may have eye troubles. These are just a few of many possible signs. If you have concerns about your child’s eyes, please do not hesitate to contact Trillium Optometric Centre with your questions.

Q: What are possible signs of eye problems in adults?

A: Regular eye exams are always recommended for both adults and children. For adults, some possible signs of eye problems may include changes to the appearance of your eyes or vision. Some examples might concern trouble adjusting to dark rooms, difficulty focusing, red-rimmed, encrusted, or swollen eyelids, double vision, excessive watering eyes, dry eyes and seeing spots. Get in touch with Trillium Optometric Centre for any questions or concerns you have about your eyes and vision.

For additional eye health information, be sure to check out conditions including cataracts, myopia and astigmatism.

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